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E O Vento Levou (1939)

Uma produção de David O. Selznick, E o Vento Levou, de Margaret Mitchell, é "a produção mais bem-sucedida de Hollywood," disse Leonard Maltin, do Entertainment Tonight. Sob seu ponto de vista, "parece melhor com o passar dos anos." Este romance ambientado durante a Guerra Civil Americana ganhou o impressionante número de 10 Oscar® (incluindo Melhor Filme) e seus imortais personagens, Scarlett (Vivien Leigh), Rhett (Clark Gable), Ashley (Leslie Howard), Melanie (Olivia de Havilland), Mammy (Hattie McDaniel) e Prissy (Butterfly McQueen), popularizam esse épico de apelo permanente a todas as gerações. Tido por muitos como o maior filme de todos os tempos.

Título no Brasil:  E O Vento Levou
Título Original:  Gone With The Wind
País de Origem:  EUA
Gênero:  Romance
Classificação etária: Livre
Tempo de Duração: 241 minutos
Ano de Lançamento:  1939
Site Oficial: ind
Estúdio/Distrib.:  Warner Home Video
Direção:  Victor Fleming / George Cukor / Sam Wood

Clark Gable ... Rhett Butler - Visitor from Charleston
Barbara O'Neil ... Ellen O'Hara - His Wife 
Vivien Leigh ... Scarlett - Their Daughter
Evelyn Keyes ... Suellen - Their Daughter
Thomas Mitchell ... Gerald O'Hara
Ann Rutherford ... Carreen - Their Daughter
Hattie McDaniel ... Mammy - House Servant
Howard C. Hickman ... John Wilkes 
Butterfly McQueen ... Prissy - House Servant
Oscar Polk ... Pork - House Servant
Alicia Rhett ... India - His Daughter
Everett Brown ... Big Sam - Field Foreman
Leslie Howard ... Ashley - His Son
Olivia de Havilland ... Melanie Hamilton - Their Cousin
George Reeves ... Brent Tarleton - Scarlett's Beau
Rand Brooks ... Charles Hamilton - Her Brother
Fred Crane ... Stuart Tarleton - Scarlett's Beau
Carroll Nye ... Frank Kennedy - Guest
Victor Jory ... Jonas Wilkerson - Field Overseer
Laura Hope Crews ... Aunt 'Pittypat' Hamilton
Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson ... Uncle Peter - Her Coachman 
Harry Davenport ... Dr. Meade
Leona Roberts ... Sra. Meade
Jane Darwell ... Sra. Merriwether
Ona Munson ... Belle Watling
Paul Hurst ... Yankee Deserter
Isabel Jewell ... Emmy Slattery
Cammie King ... Bonnie Blue Butler
Eric Linden ... Amputation Case
J.M. Kerrigan ... Johnny Gallagher
Ward Bond ... Tom - Yankee Captain
Jackie Moran ... Phil Meade
Cliff Edwards ... Reminiscent Soldier
Lillian Kemble-Cooper ... Bonnie's Nurse in London 
Yakima Canutt ... Renegade
Marcella Martin ... Cathleen Calvert
Louis Jean Heydt ... Hungry Soldier Holding Beau Wilkes
Mickey Kuhn ... Beau Wilkes
Olin Howland ... A Carpetbagger Businessman
Irving Bacon ... Corporal
Robert Elliott ... Yankee Major
William Bakewell ... Mounted Officer
Mary Anderson ... Maybelle Merriwether
Eric Alden ... Rafe Calvert
John Arledge ... Dying Soldier
Roscoe Ates ... Convalescent Soldier
Trevor Bardette ... Minor Role
Ralph Brooks ... Gentleman at Twelve Oaks Barbecue
Daisy Bufford ... Housemaid at Evening Prayers
Ann Bupp ... Minor Role
James Bush ... Gentleman
Ruth Byers ... Housemaid at Evening Prayers
Gary Carlson ... Beau Wilkes
Horace B. Carpenter ... Atlanta Citizen
Louise Carter ... Bandleader's Wife
Shirley Chambers ... Belle's Girl
Eddy Chandler ... Sergeant at Hospital
Wallis Clark ... Poker-Playing Captain
Frank Coghlan Jr. ... Collapsing Soldier
Gino Corrado ... Minor Role
Martina Cortina ... Housemaid at Twelve Oaks
Luke Cosgrave ... Bandleader
Kernan Cripps ... Yankee Soldier in Shantytown
Ned Davenport ... Jewel Collector at Bazaar
Yola d'Avril ... Belle's Girl
Lester Dorr ... Minor Role
Phyllis Douglas ... Bonnie Blue Butler - Age 2
Joan Drake ... Hospital Nurse
F. Driver ... Housemaid at Evening Prayers
Edythe Elliott ... General's Wife
Susan Falligant ... Minor Role
Richard Farnsworth ... Soldier
Frank Faylen ... Soldier Aiding Dr. Meade
Kelly Griffin ... Bonnie Blue Butler as Newborn
George Hackathorne ... Wounded Soldier in Pain
C. Hamilton ... Yankee Soldier in Shantytown
Evelyn Harding ... Cancan Girl
Inez Hatchett ... Housemaid at Twelve Oaks
Jean Heker ... Hospital Nurse
Ricky Holt ... Melanie's Son
Shep Houghton ... Southern Dandy
Si Jenks ... Yankee on Street
Tommy Kelly ... Boy in Band
W. Kirby ... Yankee Soldier in Shantytown
Margaret Mann ... Woman writing letter at Atlanta church hospital
William McClain ... Old Levi
George Meeker ... Poker-Playing Captain
Charles Middleton ... Townsperson with stove pipe hat (unconfirmed)
Alberto Morin ... Rene Picard
Adrian Morris ... Carpetbagger Orator
Lee Murray ... Drummerboy
H. Nellman ... Yankee Soldier in Shantytown
David Newell ... Cade Calvert
Naomi Pharr ... Housemaid at Evening Prayers
Lee Phelps ... Bartender
Jolane Reynolds ... Cancan Girl
Marjorie Reynolds ... Guest at Twelve Oaks
Suzanne Ridgeway ... Cancan Girl
Louisa Robert ... Minor Role
Azarene Rogers ... Housemaid at Twelve Oaks
Tom Seidel ... Tony Fontaine
William Stack ... Minister
William Stelling ... Returning Veteran
Harry Strang ... Tom's Aide
Dirk Wayne Summers ... Youngest Boy in Band
Emerson Treacy ... Minor Role
Phillip Trent ... Gentleman / Bearded Confederate on Steps of Tara
Julia Ann Tuck ... Bonnie at Six Months
Tom Tyler ... Commanding Officer During Evacuation
Dale Van Sickel ... Gentleman at Twelve Oaks Barbecue
E. Alyn Warren ... Frank Kennedy's Clerk
Blue Washington ... Renegade's Companion
Dan White ... Undetermined Minor Role
Sarah Whitley ... Housemaid at Twelve Oaks
Ernest Whitman ... Carpetbagger's Friend
Guy Wilkerson ... Wounded Card Player
Zack Williams ... Elijah
John Wray ... Prison Gang Overseer 

Trilha Sonora
Selznick International Theme (1937) (uncredited) 
Escrita por Alfred Newman Played for the Selznick International Logo

(I Wish I Was in) Dixie's Land (1860) (uncredited) 
Escrita por Daniel Decatur Emmett Played often in the score

Katie Belle (uncredited) 
Escrita por Stephen Foster In the score for Tara e Twelve Oaks scenes

Under the Willow She's Sleeping (1860 (uncredited) 
Escrita por Stephen Foster In the score for Tara scenes

Lou'siana Belle (1847) (uncredited) 
Escrita por Stephen Foster In the score for Twelve Oaks scenes

Dolly Day (1850) (uncredited) 
Escrita por Stephen Foster In the score for Twelve Oaks scenes

Ring de Banjo (1851) (uncredited) 
Escrita por Stephen Foster In the score for Twelve Oaks scenes

Sweet e Low (1865) (uncredited) 
Música de Joseph Barnby In the score for the afternoon nap scenes

Ye Cavaliers of Dixie (uncredited) Composer unknown In the score when Charles Hamilton challenges Rhett, e other sections

Taps (1862) (uncredited) 
Escrita por General Daniel Butterfield In the score for the death of Charles, e other sections

Massa's in de Cold Ground (1852) (uncredited) 
Escrita por Stephen Foster In the score for the death of Charles e Frank

Maryland, My Maryland (1861) (uncredited) Music based the traditional German Christmas carol "O Tannennbam" In the score at the bazaar in Atlanta e at the train depot

Irish Washerwoman (uncredited) Traditional Irish Jig Dance music at the bazaar in Atlanta

Garryowen (uncredited) Traditional Dance music at the bazaar in Atlanta

When Johnny Comes Marching Home (1863) (uncredited) 
Escrita por Louis Lambert (Pseudonym for Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore) In the score at Gettysburg e other sections

Weeping, Sad e Lonely (When This Cruel War Is Over)(1862) (uncredited) 
Música de Henry Tucker In the score outside the Examiner Newspaper office

The Bonnie Blue Flag (1861) (uncredited) Written e In the score at the depot e other sections

Hark! the Herald Angels Sing (pub. 1856) (uncredited) 
Música de Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (1840) In the score for Christmas at Aunt Pittypat's

Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! (The Boys Are Marching) (1864) (uncredited) Music e In the score during the siege

The Old Folks at Home (Swanee River) (1851) (uncredited) 
Escrita por Stephen Foster In the score at the train depot e during the intermission

Go Down Moses (Let My People Go) (uncredited) Traditional Negro spiritual 
Cantada por marching negro soldiers off to fight the Yankees

My Old Kentucky Home (1853) (uncredited) Music e In the score in the birth of Melanie's baby sequence Sung a cappella by Butterfly McQueen

Marching Through Georgia (1865) (uncredited) 
Escrita por Henry Clay Work In the score during the escape from Atlanta, e other sections

Battle Hymn of the Republic (circa 1856) (uncredited) 
Música de William Steffe In the score during the burning of Atlanta sequence

Beautiful Dreamer (1862) (uncredited) 
Música de Stephen Foster Played during the intermission

Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair (1854) (uncredited) 
Música de Stephen Foster Played during the intermission

Yankee Doodle (ca. 1755) (uncredited) Traditional music of English origin In the score when the war is over

Stars of the Summer Night (1856) (uncredited) 
Música de Isaac Baker Woodbury In the score during the New Orleans honeymoon

Bridal Chorus (Here Comes the Bride) (1850) (uncredited) from "Lohengrin" 
Escrita por Richard Wagner In the score after Scarlett's nightmare

Deep River (uncredited) Traditional in the score at the lumber mill

For He's a Jolly Good Fellow (uncredited) Traditional 
Cantada por guests at the party

London Bridge Is Falling Down (uncredited) Traditional children's song In the score in London

Ben Bolt (Oh Don't You Remember) (1848) (uncredited) 
Música de Nelson Kneass Poem by Thomas Dunn English (1842) Sung a cappella by Vivien Leigh 

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